Bandit wandering to get lease of land in Guna: surrendered in 1972 at the behest of JP; The sadhus who were made while in jail, started calling their companions as modern Valmiki.

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The bandit, who surrendered on the call of Jayaprakash Narayan in 1972, is now wandering from door to door to save his land. This land was given to him for living in return for his surrender. Now some domineering people have their eyes on that land. He has not even got a lease on the land yet. To save his land from possession, the bandit reached the public hearing and applied to the collector.

The story is of Pratap Singh, born in 1946, who is now known as Baba Parasram Das. He became a bandit in 1970. His activities were in Gwalior, Bhind, Datia, Jalaun areas. It was only two years after becoming a bandit that in 1972, Jayaprakash Narayan appealed to everyone to surrender. The effect of JP’s appeal was that thousands of people who did such work were determined to surrender. Pratap Singh is also one of them. He surrendered along with many others at Jaura in Morena. He surrendered with more than 500 people. At that time the Chief Minister used to be Pratapchand Sethi. All of them surrendered before him.

After this he was first imprisoned in Gwalior Central Jail. After staying here for a year, he was sent to Narsinghgarh Jail. There he also stayed for about a year and a half. From here he was kept in the open jail of Mungawali, District Ashoknagar (then Guna). He was sentenced to 20 years. Dacoit Mohar Singh and his companions also surrendered with him. He lived for 8 years in Mungawali Open Jail. All of them were released from jail on 15 August 1980.

Friends call modern Valmiki

Soon after the surrender, all people like these were given land by the government for their livelihood. Pratap Singh was given land at Kumbhraj in Guna district. Here is his 100×100 plot. The land was given to him in the year 1973 itself. During his stay in jail, he came in contact with a guru and started meditating etc. From there he took initiation from a guru, after which he was named Baba Parasram Das. He used to meditate throughout the day, so his companions started calling him by the modern name Valmiki.

Kumbhraj came out of jail

After his release in 1980, he came to Kumbharaj. Here he started living by making a hut on his land. But the eyes of the dabangs fell on his land. The people living nearby gradually started occupying their land. In the application given to the collector, he told that some influential people have taken possession of his land and have taken the land lease. Although they have not been given the lease yet. Those people, along with some officers and employees of the Revenue Department, also got the land changed in the measles.

many years gone by

Baba Parasram Das told that he has been making rounds of officials and leaders for land for many years. But they are not being heard. In the month of July, the municipality and the tehsildar have asked them to vacate the land, whereas earlier the collector had given them possession of that land. Now efforts are being made to evict them from the land. In the application, he has demanded that his land should be returned to him and his lease should also be given to him.


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