Banners put up by PFI in Indore for funding: Used to announce – help people in jail on false charges; Know the full exploits

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The National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested the suspected officials of the PFI of Indore, the police’s intelligence department had been keeping an eye on them for a long time. On Eid, the PFI had assured all possible help to the jailed people. On May 3, on the occasion of Eid, outside the Sadar Bazar Idgah, PFI members even put up banners and posters for funding. Some boys had also distributed pamphlets. From here he got caught in the eyes of the NIA. Know their complete deeds and whose role was ..

Some time ago, outside Indore Idgah, PFI made an announcement by putting up a mike – People’s Front of India provides legal help to innocent people jailed on false charges. Information about the works of PFI was also being given through loudspeakers on Eid. This entire incident was then recorded by the intelligence team of the police. Its report was also given to the top police officers. During this, a former Chief Minister, former MLA and city Qazi were also present in some program nearby. This made the agencies more alert but the role of the leaders was not there. But PFI was taken on the radar.

PFI was helping those instigating the riots
In September 2021, Khajrana TI Dinesh Verma had arrested Altmash Abrar Khan, his accomplices Irfan, Imran and Javed in the case of conspiracy to open fire on Hindu organizations and incite riots in the city. The police claimed that Altamash was involved in the Bhim Army in addition to the Pakistani group. About 200 such people were in contact with him. After Altmash and his associates went to jail, only PFI was helping them legally. Not only this, every need of the family of Altamash, Irfan and Imran was fulfilled by PFI. The police claim that the PFI is helping them in the court from behind the scenes. According to police officials, the numbers of SDPI and PFI officials were found in Altmash’s mobile at the time of arrest.

Building people said – young Muslims used to come every evening
In Indore, the building where the PFI office operates, on Thursday, there was hustle and bustle throughout the day as usual. Nearby shopkeepers told the daily that Mumtaz, Abdul and Karim used to come to PFI’s office every day, but we do not know what they used to do, nor ever tried to find out. Many Muslim youths used to come to meet him in the evening. This building is being told of Salim Khan. Salim has rented out some offices and shops in his building. The gym also operates in the same building.

Know about the officials of PFI who were caught

Whose role in Indore PFI, know their profile…

Messages used to go viral from this office, planning is also here
It has been learned from the sources that the arrested leaders of PFI used to hold press conferences from the office of Sadar Bazar. He also used to make his messages viral on social media from here. The boys who came to meet in the office were prepared and entrusted with the promotion of PFI. In this building, PFI used to do its entire planning.

At the same time, the name of another Muslim businessman of Sanwer Road is also coming out in this case. It is also being said to be raised by the NIA. But the officials have not confirmed this in the case.

Training camp under the guise of martial arts, money came from Gulf countries

Funding from abroad: Sources have revealed that PFI is being funded from Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and Bahrain. The amount is being sent to hawala, family maintenance and bogus accounts. The entire network is being operated from hotels in UAE.
Brainwash of youth: The connection of PFI came to the fore in the protest against CAA, Nupur Sharma. People involved in the Delhi riots, Kanhaiyalal of Udaipur and Umesh Kolhe of Amravati were arrested. It was learned that PFI is brainwashing the youth and preparing them to join the organization.
Terror training: IB got inputs that PFI is giving terror training to youth under the guise of martial arts, kung fu and gym. Such training was exposed at the Karate Center in Nizamabad. Similar camps are going on in Andhra Pradesh also.

The woman eyewitness to the action had said – 10 to 12 women constables also came

Now know about PFI’s organization SDPI leaders who won the elections and became councilors in Madhya Pradesh

The councilors of SDPI have not yet got any direct connection with the PFI case. The daily spoke to the station in-charge of Rampura and Manasa. Both claimed that Zafar Shah and Arabina Bi contested the elections in a normal manner. We have not had any such complaint. There was no such movement. Yes, it is definitely that all are less educated or illiterate. Contested elections from backward settlements only. The officer-in-charge of Manasa has also given a similar statement. Significantly, SDPI is called the political wing of PFI.

Four councilors of PFI's political organization Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) have been elected.  They live from Muslim dominated areas in Neemuch and Shajapur.  In Indore too, SDPI had fielded councilor candidates from three wards.

Also read these news of NIA’s action on PFI…

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Thursday midnight arrested 4 Popular Front of India (PFI) functionaries from Indore and Ujjain. PFI state president Abdul Karim Bekriwala, Abdul Javed and Mumtaz Qureshi were picked up from Indore. The NIA had detained a youth named Jameel Sheikh from Ujjain. Many suspicious and inflammatory documents have also been seized from them. This action was taken between 1 to 3 pm in Indore and Ujjain. Click to read full news…

When no one supported the bangle person. Then our organization SDPI (considered the political wing of PFI) helped the bangle wale Tasleem. 10 thousand rupees should be sent to his family every month. Bajrangi is also the one who compromises the bangle taslim. First sent to jail, then got a settlement done so that they can take advantage in the elections. These provocative statements are from Mumtaz Qureshi, Indore city president of PFI. These statements were given during the urban body elections. Click to read full news…

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) team was in Indore late on Wednesday night. The NIA caught the office bearers of PFI in the case of terror funding and took them to Delhi. The NIA action lasted till Thursday morning. To cover this action, Indore Police did combing patrol. More than a hundred jawans and officers of 9 police stations and reserve police participated in this combing patrol. Combing patrol, which started late Wednesday night, also continued till Thursday morning. Click to read full news…

NIA raids on PFI, 106 arrested: Organization chief Oma Salam also arrested, 500 officers of investigative agencies involved in search operation

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