Basil Tea Benefits: A cup of Tulsi tea will reduce stress and high blood sugar level, know the advantages and disadvantages of this natural tea

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Is Tulsi Tea Bad For You?: Tulsi is used as a medicine in Ayurveda. You drink Tulsi tea in both winter and summer season. The benefits of Tulsi Tea are amazing. What you need to know about this wonderful tea is here.

Tulsi Tea Benefits And Side Effects: Our religious beliefs and beliefs are attached to Tulsi, but along with this, Tulsi is no less than a panacea for our health. Tulsi, full of many benefits, not only helps in controlling the blood sugar level of the body, but stress level and hypertension can also be reduced. Tulsi is used as medicine in Ayurveda. Tulsi tea (Basil Tea) You drink in both winter and summer season. The benefits of Tulsi Tea are amazing. What you need to know about this wonderful tea is here.

Benefits of drinking Tulsi tea Benefits Of Drinking Tulsi Tea

1) Beneficial in asthma and bronchitis

Drinking tulsi tea will help you prevent respiratory diseases that can range from asthma, bronchitis to cold and cough. Basil leaves help in boosting immunity and expelling phlegm.

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2) Helpful in reducing stress

Tulsi tea helps in maintaining the level of cortisol hormone which is also known as stress hormone in the body. Tulsi tea lowers the level of cortisol, thereby reducing your overall stress and anxiety.

3) Controls blood sugar level

Blood sugar level can be kept under control by taking sip of Tulsi tea. Another good reason to drink tulsi tea is that it also helps facilitate the metabolism of carbs and fats, insuring that the sugar in the blood is used for energy.

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4) Beneficial for dental health

Tulsi leaves also have anti-microbial properties and drinking Tulsi tea daily will help you fight harmful bacteria and germs in the mouth. Tulsi tea can also act as a mouth freshener and help you prevent bad breath.

Disadvantages of drinking Tulsi tea Disadvantages Of Drinking Tulsi Tea

1) Avoid pregnant women

Tulsi is an aromatic herb that comes from the Lamiaceae family of mint plants that can affect expectant mothers and their fetuses. It can also lead to miscarriage. Drinking tulsi tea during pregnancy can cause contractions in the uterus which can be dangerous.

2) Blood thinning properties

Tulsi has such properties that can thin the blood in our body. Although it has proved to be a great home remedy for those who do not want to take allopathy medicines but those who are already taking anti-clotting medicines should avoid this herb.

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3) Tulsi can damage the liver

There are many eugenols present in basil. Eugenol is also found in Peruvian cloves and balsam. But did you know that excessive consumption of eugenol can cause liver damage, nausea, diarrhoea, rapid heartbeat and convulsions.

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