New Delhi, PTI. Ness Wadia, co-owner of Punjab Kings, has given a big suggestion to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Ness Wadia believes that the time has come for the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to allow IPL teams to play exhibition matches abroad in the off-season (when the tournament is not underway), as this will only strengthen the brand. . We are going to see 10 teams in the new season of IPL.

Wadia said, “BCCI should consider organizing matches in the off-season at places where there are more Indian expatriates. This will only help in taking the IPL forward. Considering the availability of players, three to five matches in the off-season. Events can be organized. Every year the top four franchises should be allowed to play some matches in Miami or Toronto or Singapore. That will only strengthen the brand.”

Anyway, the Indian Premier League i.e. IPL does not require any kind of branding, as it has got the status of the biggest cricket league in the world, but to expand it further, Ness Wadia has suggested. Cricket is rarely played in the places named by Ness Wadia and when cricket is played there, youth will definitely be attracted towards this game and league. However, it remains to be seen how BCCI reacts to this suggestion.

Talking about the current time, 10 teams have been announced for the 2022 season of IPL. This time the tournament will be played in a new way. It is believed that five teams each will be divided into two groups and then there will be two matches in those two groups. Till now every team had to play every team at their home and on their ground.

Edited By: Vikash Gaur