New Delhi, Guru Mangal Yuti: According to astrology, when two or more planets come in a zodiac, then it is called a conjunction. The combination of planets has good or bad effect on the life of every zodiac. Let us inform that on 17th May 2022 at 05:09 am, Mars has left Aquarius and entered Pisces and will remain in this zodiac till 27th June 2022. Please tell that the planet Jupiter was already present in Pisces. In such a situation, there is a conjunction of Mars-Guru. In such a situation, beneficial for some zodiac signs and some people need to be a little cautious.

Mangal Rashi Parivartan 2022: From today, these people will get full support of luck, know the effect of the transit of Mars on your zodiac


This transit of Mars is going to be in the twelfth place from your zodiac. Dev Guru Brihaspati is already seated here. But going to the 12th house of Mars, the lord of Aries, will not be very auspicious. The people of this zodiac will have to struggle a little for everything. There is a need to be a little careful about money. Along with this, it is very important to keep restraint in your speech.

Leo sun sign

This transit of Mars is going to happen in the eighth house from your zodiac, where Gurudev Jupiter is already seated. The people of these zodiac signs need to be a little careful about their health. Stomach related problems may be faced. If you want to invest money in some place, then do it wisely. Otherwise, you may have to face loss of money. Disputes may increase regarding ancestral property.


This transit of Mars is going to be in the eighth place from your zodiac. Where Dev Guru Brihaspati is already seated. This time may be mixed for you. Do think carefully before doing any big work. Take special care of food. Court may have to go to court for one reason or the other.

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