Be careful if you watch borrowed Netflix! Otherwise you will have to give and take

TechnologyBe careful if you watch borrowed Netflix! Otherwise you will have...
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OTT Platform Netflix: The craze of watching their favorite web series on Netflix is ​​increasing rapidly among people. Everyone has liked this OTT platform, for which most people use Netflix borrowed from people they know. Users do not have to pay any charge for using borrowed Netflix, but this habit of free can cost the users dearly, because Netflix is ​​about to shock its users.

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Netflix is ​​an American multinational entertainment company that makes media available to the public via the Internet. It is available in many countries like India, Japan, Australia, France, Europe, Denmark and North America. It was manufactured in 1997 in California.

You will be surprised to know that the number of people using Netflix for free is more than those who pay. Keeping this reason in mind, Netflix can rollout this feature in April 2023. Let us tell you that after the rollout of this feature, users will also have to pay for password sharing. That is, if you or any of your friends use Netflix for free, ie by borrowing, then the company can also charge fine from it.

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Accordingly, after the new rule comes, these users will have to shift their personalized account to another profile. If this is not done then the settings including their viewing history, my list, saved games can also be deleted. So let’s tell how you can shift Netflix profile to a new account.

How to shift Netflix profile to new account

  • First of all open Netflix in web browser.
  • Then sign in to the Netflix account.
  • This should be the profile you want to transfer to another.
  • After this, click on the Account page tab and select the option.
  • In the Profile and Parental Controls section, you will have to select Start a new account.
  • Click on the Transfer link.
  • Now you have to enter your email address and password for the new account.
  • After setup, follow the prompts on the screen.
  • You will get a notification once the profile transfer is complete.
  • Users can also turn off profile transfer if they wish.

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