Beetroot peels can be used in many ways, knowing the benefits, you will not throw them away.

LifestyleBeetroot peels can be used in many ways, knowing the benefits, you...
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Beetroot Peels Benefits: There are peels of many fruits and vegetables which prove to be extremely beneficial. Beetroot is also included in these. Beetroot peels can be used in many ways.

special things

  • Beetroot peels are very beneficial.
  • It is easy to use them.
  • The effect is also visible on the skin.
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Beetroot Peels: As soon as winter comes, beetroot also starts coming in the market. Beetroot is known for its many properties. It is rich in antioxidants, it contains manganese, potassium, fiber, folate and iron as well as vitamin C. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of beetroot are also beneficial for the skin. Now if we talk about beetroot peels, they are equally beneficial, but due to their dirty appearance, they are removed and thrown away. If these peels are cleaned properly then they can be used in many ways. Learn here how to use beetroot peels (Beetroot Peels Benefits) from skin whitening to food.

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Benefits and uses of beetroot peels. Beetroot Peels Benefits And Uses

to skin

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Beetroot rich in vitamin C is used in many ways in skin care. Its clean peels can also be used to improve the skin. Soak the clean peels of beetroot in water for some time. When the color of the water changes, remove the peel and squeeze lemon juice in it. Rub the prepared mixture on the face and wash it after keeping it for half an hour. A glow will appear on the skin and dead skin cells will also start to be removed.

lip scrub

To make lip scrub with beetroot peels, grate the peels of beetroot. Add sugar to it and start rubbing it on the lips by taking it in your fingers. With this lip scrub, the frozen dead skin cells on the lips will be removed and the lips will start to look pink naturally.

make toner

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To make skin toner, soak beetroot peels in water overnight. Filter this water the next morning and fill it in a bottle. Beetroot juice can be used as a toner on the skin. Apply this toner on the face by taking it in cotton or spraying it. Freshness will also be felt on the face.

for dandruff

Apply beetroot juice rich in anti-inflammatory properties on the hair to remove dandruff. For use, mix the juice of beetroot peels with vinegar and neem water and wash it after keeping it on the hair for 10 to 15 minutes. Scalp will be well cleaned.

itching of the head will go away

Take beetroot peels and rub their inner part on the surface of the head or rather on the scalp. This will reduce the itchiness felt on the scalp, remove dead skin cells and flaky skin and also reduce the accumulated build-up. Do not forget to wash hair after 15 minutes of rubbing peel.

make chutney

To make chutney from beetroot peels, put one cup of clean beetroot peels in a vessel with one cup of water. To make the chutney good, add a cup of beetroot as well. Cook it and turn off the flame after adding sugar, lemon and salt and cumin as per taste. Your beetroot chutney is ready.

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