New Delhi, Online Desk. The kind of game Mahendra Singh Dhoni is showing in IPL 2022, it seems that age is just a number for him. He is performing well as a finisher not only behind the wicket but also in batting and after becoming the captain, he is seen facing all kinds of challenges. At the same time, a picture is going viral on social media in which Dhoni is seen eating his bat before going to bat against Delhi.

After this picture of Dhoni surfaced, one of Dhoni’s former teammates and veteran spinner Amit Mishra told why Dhoni was doing this after all. Mishra has said that the two-time World Cup winning captain does it this way to keep his bat clean and not a single tape or thread comes out of his bat. Describing Dhoni’s habit, Amit Mishra wrote on his official Twitter handle that if you are wondering why Dhoni often eats his bat. He does this to remove the tape of the bat because he likes his bat to be clean. You may not have seen a single piece of tape or thread coming out of MS’s bat.

Let us tell you that under the captaincy of Dhoni, Chennai defeated Delhi by 91 runs and this was the fourth victory of this team. CSK have won 4 out of 11 matches so far while they have lost 8 matches. With four wins in the match, CSK now have 8 points and this team has moved to the eighth position in the points table.

Edited By: Sanjay Savern