Bhairav ​​Jayani 2021: According to Shiv Purana, Bhairavji was descended from the Agya Chakra (middle of the eyebrows) of Devadhidev Mahadev. According to the story of the 8th chapter of Vidyeshwara-Samhita of Shivamahapuran, when Brahma ji saw the four directions after creating the universe, he became four-faced. When he looked at Vaikunth, he became Panchmukhi. This made him arrogant. He challenged Vishnu, the maintainer, that he was the greatest in the universe. Angered by the arrogance of Brahma ji, Mahadev became furious. So a brilliance appeared from between his eyebrows, which destroyed the arrogant mouth (kapal) of Brahma. This destroyer Tej was named Bhairav. However, Bhairav ​​had to bear the punishment for cutting off this skull of Brahma, so by doing spiritual practice in Kashi as per the orders of Mahadev, Bhairav ​​became free from the blame of killing Brahma.

The music-sadhana of Bhairav ​​seems to be behind the liberation from the blame of Brahmahatya. Being the author of Brahma Veda, he is the writer of songs, while Mahadev is the god of sound. Whereas Vishnu is the god of dance. Kashi is also the favorite city of Lord Vishnu. It can be understood from the glory expressed by Vishnu ji in the specialty of Kashinagari in both the first half and the latter half of Kashikhand of Skanda Purana. It is easy to guess that Bhairav ​​has the knowledge of singing, playing and dancing because Bhairav ​​is considered to be the original raga of music.

Musicians believe that Shiva is pleased with Raga Bhairav ​​and Goddess Shaktis by Shri Raag. Dried trees turn green by singing in Sri Raag. The six raginis of Raga Bhairav, six sons of these six raginis are also mentioned. There is an infinite limit to their lineage, but music experts practice in 436 ragas and raginis. Songs and music are helpful in sowing the seeds of positive emotion and culture in a person. When Lord Vishnu was asked by Narada where do you live, Vishnu replied – ‘Naham Vasami Vaikunthe Yogina Hdayyen Cha, Madbhakta: Yatra Gayanti Tatra Tishthami Narada:’. Here it is not used for meditation or japanti, but by singing. Raag Bhairav ​​has the ability to please Brahma from Srishtimohini, Vishnu from Vishwamohini and Mahadev from Prakritimohini. Therefore, according to the story of Shiv Purana, Mother Parvati came to perform penance on the Adiparvat peak, Vindhyaparvat, and 8 Bhairavs and 5 Bhairavis remained under her protection. In which Mahabhairava, Sanharbhairava, Asitangabhairav, Rudrabhairava, Kalabhairava, Krodhabhairava, Tamrachud Bhairav ​​and Chandrachud Bhairav ​​were accompanied by Tripura Bhairavi, Kaulesh Bhairavi, Rudrabhairavi, Nitya Bhairavi and Chaitanya Bhairavi. According to the scriptures, there are 64 Bhairvas and as many Bhairavis in total. According to their name, there is a difference in their nature. Tamra Bhairav, where the redness appears to represent the coolness of the moon on the forehead of Chandrachud Bhairav ​​Mahadev and Rudra Bhairav ​​appears to increase the fire element.

salil pandey

author of spiritual themes

Edited By: jeetesh kumar