Washington (ANI). America has organized a conference on democracy. This conference is to be virtual, in which about 110 countries of the world have been invited to attend. This conference is to be held on 9-10 December. According to the list of member countries invited to this conference from the US State Department, its most important thing is that China and Turkey have not been invited to it. Let us tell you that Turkey is a member country of NATO organization.

At the same time, other NATO member countries have been invited to participate in this conference. At the same time, a special thing about this conference is that US President Joe Biden has invited Taiwan to join it like a completely separate country. Let us tell you that due to the increasing closeness between America and Taiwan, China is not only tense but also irritated. The US also has defense cooperation with Taiwan.

Let us also tell you here that a few days ago there was a virtual meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Joe Biden. The purpose of this meeting was to reduce the tension in the relationship between the two countries. But the non-invitation of China to this conference directly means that no way has been found to improve relations from this meeting. This is the reason why America has not included China in this.

Significantly, China and Turkey are among the countries to which Russia has signed an agreement to supply its S-400 missile system. Russia has already given delivery of this missile system to China, while America is under constant pressure to cancel the agreement on Turkey. Although India also has an agreement regarding this missile and its delivery will be done next month, despite this, India has also been included in this conference.

Another reason for not including China in this conference is also the tension on the South China Sea. Both the countries have come face to face on this issue many times. Apart from this, there is also atrocities on Uighurs in Xinjiang province, China’s tension with Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Edited By: Kamal Verma