Big decision in the meeting: target fixed to increase recovery, every building inspector will have to deduct 20 challans in a week, if missed, notice will be issued

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The Municipal Corporation is giving a lot of emphasis on recovery at this time, because due to paucity of funds, even the salaries of the employees are not being given on time. Under this, Corporation Commissioner Dr. Shena Aggarwal called a meeting of the building branch in Zone-D and during this the status of recovery was taken. Where it came to the fore that little work is being done on the part of the building branch regarding recovery. In such a situation, now the Corporation Commissioner has strictly fixed the target of ATP, Building Inspectors of the four zones of the building branch. Apart from this, separate responsibilities have also been assigned to MTP, on behalf of which the status report will be presented daily to the corporation commissioner that how much work has been done in the four zones and what is the current status regarding building maps.

It has also come to the fore in this meeting that ATP Zone-D Rajesh Bhagat and Building Inspector Gagandeep Sharma have gone on long leave without informing, to whom the Corporation Commissioner has ordered the Building Branch Head and Joint Commissioner Ankur Mahindra to issue show cause notice. have been issued.

During this, the corporation commissioner has also given targets to the building inspectors. In which each building inspector will be assessed for pending challans for recovery and a target has been given to assess 20 challans per inspector per week. Will go While the MTP has been entrusted with the responsibility of checking the pendency of the map, CLU at his level daily and the report in this regard will be submitted daily. Apart from this, in case of delay in passing the map and auto jump, the reason will be asked by issuing a notice to the concerned officer.

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