Big event seen in Antarctica, glacier broken equal to 10 football fields; View VIDEO

TechnologyBig event seen in Antarctica, glacier broken equal to 10 football fields;...
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A big news has come out from Antarctica, researchers have released a video, where William Glacier broke into thousand pieces. The paper of this research has been published in Science Advances Journal. Researchers believe that this event is likely to generate strong internal waves triggering internal tsunamis on the ocean surface.

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Let us inform that this incident took place two years ago, the results of its survey have been released now. According to information received about the incident, it occurred when the team aboard the research ship RRS James Clark Ross of the British Antarctic Survey was taking ocean measurements off the Antarctic Peninsula.

Each year, William Glacier typically has at least two ice break-offs. The team told in its research that the front part of the glacier is 40 meters above sea level. It was found that the incident broke up about 78,000 square meters of ice, which is equivalent to 10 football fields. It turns out that before the break of the glacier, the ocean water at a depth of 50-100 meters was warm. It was observed that a variation in temperature was observed at different depths.

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Research specialist has claimed that there are many important factors of internal tsunami waves coming in the sea. All of these affect marine life, change temperatures at different depths and cause further melting of sea ice. The data the researchers used to complete the survey was taken from Europe’s Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellite when the ship was near the glacier and the radar captured the image.

Michael Meredith, lead author of the research paper, said,

“It was a historic moment to see. We were lucky to be in the right place at the right time. A lot of glaciers break off and flow into the sea. Their icebergs stay there. This can create huge surface waves , but we now know that it also creates waves inside the ocean. These internal waves cause the ocean to mix, and that affects life in the ocean, how warm it is at different depths, and how much it The snow may melt.”

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Internal tsunamis have been observed in some places due to landslides, and no one noticed that this phenomenon was happening around Antarctica. The report said other locations with glaciers are also likely to be affected, including Greenland and elsewhere in the Arctic. Glaciers around the world are slowly melting due to climate change.

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