New Delhi, Jnn. Bollywood’s drama queen Rakhi Sawant is soon going to enter the house of ‘Bigg Boss 15’. Colors has shared a video on its official social media page in which Rakhi is seen crying out that people used to accuse me of having a fake marriage. Now I am going to shut everyone’s mouth.

Rakhi wept bitterly

It is reported that actress Rakhi Sawant will enter the Bigg Boss 15 house with her husband Ritesh. Though many feel that Rakhi is not married and Riteish is just a figment of their imagination. So all of them have been answered by Rakhi Sawant. In the new promo of Bigg Boss, Rakhi says, ‘Of course I am married, and finally the world will see my husband Ritesh. I am entering the Bigg Boss house with him. I am very happy and looking forward to this in BB15.

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Riteish will be seen for the first time

Rakhi feels that people will stop speculating about their marriage after seeing Riteish in the Bigg Boss house. ‘People didn’t believe me at all when I said that I was married to a businessman named Ritesh. People called me a liar and said that I am doing this for publicity. They refused to believe me because I didn’t have any photos or videos to show or because I hadn’t invited anyone to my wedding.’

Rakhi will go to victory

Let us tell you that Rakhi was in season 1 of ‘Bigg Boss’ and last year also she went inside the house, but this time she is determined to win the trophy. Talking to Times of India, she says, ‘I will hang on to the trophy, but will bring the trophy home. I will use all saam, daam, dand, bhed to win this time. Now it will be interesting to see how the new Rakhi of this show, who has not been able to do anything amazing in TRP, crosses.

Edited By: Ruchi Vajpayee