New Delhi, Jnn. A press conference was held in the house of Bigg Boss 15. During this, the media personnel grilled the family members fiercely. A journalist asked Tejashwi Prakash about calling Shamita Shetty ‘dominant’ and ‘bossy’. Shamita was seen applauding when the journalist asked Tejashwi that if you stay around Karan Kundra all day, then it would not have been bossy?

Vishal’s class

Journalists did not spare Vishal Kotian either. He reminded Vishal of the comments made about Rakesh Bapat. Let us tell you that Rakesh had entered the show as a wild card but due to ill health, he got out of the show within 15 days. Vishal calls Shamita sister, sister all the time.

Shamita reprimanded

A reporter asked Vishal, ‘When who is considered as your sister, how can you talk about their family like this? You said ‘Rakesh has hit a big hand’. Vishal clarified and said that the fun was going on, I had said all this jokingly. However, Shamita was not happy with this answer and scolded Vishal saying ‘this is not funny’.

Vishal said about Rakesh…

Earlier this month, during a conversation with Karan, Vishal, Tejashwi and Umar Riaz mocked Rakesh, saying, ‘Very bad hand has struck your brother. Shilpa Shetty, who is straight, has wooed her sister. Now what is that show from his show, he keeps doing this show from the show, it will continue to do so.’

Riddhi also reprimanded

Rakesh’s ex-wife Riddhi Dogra objected to such a comment and also slammed Vishal for ‘making fun of people behind their backs’. He also urged the audience to weed out such people.

Edited By: Ruchi Vajpayee