Bihar: Hit and run cases are not stopping in Bihar, dragging a 70-year-old man, the car took him for 8 kilometers

IndiaBihar: Hit and run cases are not stopping in Bihar, dragging a...
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BIHAR NEWS: Walking on the roads of Bihar has become equivalent to inviting death, because nothing can be said when a vehicle will run away after hitting you there. A new practice has been added to this episode, that is, after being hit by a car, the reason for handling the victim is to drag it.

Hit and run cases have increased in Bihar. The incident at Bangra Chowk in Champaran district has raised many questions regarding road safety. According to the news, Bihar Police Headquarters has become very alert to prevent such incidents, but the statistics of increasing incidents are raising many questions on the vigilance of the police.

Hit and run again in Bihar

In a horrific incident, a speeding car hit a 70-year-old man at Bangra Chowk (National Highway-27) in Bihar’s Champaran district and dragged him for eight kilometers, killing him. The old man, identified as Shankar Chowdhary, was found clinging to the bonnet of the car and then thrown by the car driver at an isolated place about eight kilometers from Kotwa Kadam Chowk. People are angry due to this incident. The local people blocked the highway demanding strict action against the culprits of this heinous crime.

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Increasing hit and run figures in Bihar

from other states of the country A state in Eastern India In comparison, maximum death due to road accident in Bihar is happening in Bihar. According to the report released by the Central Government, in the year 2020, there were a total of 9553 road accidents in the state, in which about 7660 people died.

It is dangerous to walk on the roads of Bihar

It has also been found in a survey that maximum number of pedestrians are falling victim to road accident deaths in Bihar. More than one-third of the deaths are happening to pedestrians.

Pedestrians become accident victims

According to the report released by the Transport Department, there were a total of 9553 road accidents in the year 2021.
In the year 2021, 7660 people died.
3288 people walking on the road were victims of the accident.

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