Biryani Recipe: If you want to make the weekend special, then make Moti Biryani this time, see this special recipe here

IndiaBiryani Recipe: If you want to make the weekend special, then make...
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Chicken Special Biryani: The method of making Chicken Biryani in this way is the gift of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the fifth emperor of Awadh.

special things

  • Biryani is one of the most favorite food.
  • Make this special Biryani this weekend.
  • Eating it with raita and salan enhances its taste.

The variety found in Indian food takes us by surprise. Whether the food is veg or non-veg, there is so much variety of food and so many different types of food that you cannot stop yourself from eating it. On the other hand, if you are a non-vegetarian and you want to eat some tasty and different kind of chicken, then today we have brought a special dish for you, from which you can treat yourself. It cannot be denied that chicken is very much liked among non-vegetarians. Tasty, juicy and its rich texture can turn your meal into a feast. We are sure that you must have eaten chicken curry to chicken biryani and snacks made from it. So, today we will tell you another interesting recipe of Moti Biryani made with chicken.

This spicy salan will enhance the taste of your biryani

Let us tell you that this style of Chicken Biryani is the result of the invention, intelligence and foresight of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the fifth emperor of Awadh. The original Moti Biryani was decorated with pearls made from eggs as well as gold and silver foils. Which seemed to have gold and silver balls inside the fried chicken with rice. Isn’t it interesting? Let us now know the recipe of this special Biryani.

Moti Biryani Recipe: How To Make Moti Biryani
First of all, mix biryani masala, water, salt and potatoes in a pressure cooker and mix them all well. Then let two whistles come in the cooker. Potatoes do not have to be cooked for long. When the steam is completely released from the cooker, slowly take out the potatoes and keep them on the other side.

After this, put water in a heavy pan to boil and add rice and spices like royal cumin, black cardamom, mace, bay leaf and salt as per taste and cook the rice till 80%. After this, turn off the gas and separate the water left in the rice after draining it. After this, take out the rice from the pan and keep it to cool down.

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Heat oil in a pan and fry the potatoes in it till they turn golden. Now take out the potatoes in a plate and keep them aside. After this, deep fry the onion slices in the same oil to give crunch to the biryani. For marination and complete recipe, click here.

This weekend you too must try this interesting Biryani once and tell us how you liked it.

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