Biscuit became expensive: Parle ji increased prices by 5-10%, the effect of increasing the price of raw material

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Parle-G, the company that provides the cheapest and smallest packet of biscuits, has increased the prices. The company said that it is being forced to do so due to increase in raw material prices. Hence she has increased the price of biscuits by 5-10%.

increased prices of goods

Parle ji said that the prices of essential items which are used to make biscuits have increased rapidly in recent times. The company’s senior category head Mayank Shah said efforts were being made to keep the prices in a range, but there was no way but to increase it. The ingredients needed to make biscuits include wheat, sugar and edible oil.

edible oil beyond Rs 200 a liter

In recent times, the price of edible oil has crossed Rs 200 per liter. Its price has increased by more than 50% in the last one year. The price of sugar is Rs 40 per kg. Whereas wheat is also Rs 40-45 per kg. The company said that the prices of glucose biscuits have been increased by 6-7%. Along with this, the prices of biscuits like Rusk and Cake have been increased by 5-10%.

Hyde and Seek Famous Brands

Famous brands of Parle G are Hide & Seek and Crackjack. Their prices have also gone up. Mayank Shah said that the prices of biscuits whose price is 20 rupees or more, only those prices have been increased. However, the weight of biscuits priced below that has been reduced. He says that most of the companies are facing the rise in raw material prices.

Prices were also increased in January-March

Parle G had earlier increased the prices of some products during January-March this year as well. During Corona, Parle ji became the biggest support of the diaspora. For those who migrated from cities to villages in Corona, a small packet of Parle ji’s biscuits came in very handy. During this time there was a record sale of Parle’s biscuits. Whereas even in lockdown, people resorted to this by staying locked in their homes. This led to a 5% increase in the company’s market share.

For the first time in the last 30-40 years, the company saw such a huge growth. Its highest sales are of Parle G Glucose. This is its first brand and it has reach in every household even in remote villages of the country.

82 years old history

The history of Parle ji is about 82 years old. It was started in 1938 from Vile Parle area of ​​Mumbai. About 10 years after the start of the factory, biscuits started being made here. Earlier this biscuit was called glucose biscuit. However, later it was put for genius. Parle G has total 130 factories. Out of this, 120 are engaged in contract manufacturing. The total business of biscuits in India is 37 thousand crores.


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