Bisi in the role of King Maker: The blessings of the voters of these 22 villages of Thakur-dominated Agra seem to be across

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The bugle for the assembly elections has sounded. In such a situation, political parties are fielding candidates on the basis of caste equation. Agra’s Etmadpur assembly seat has a good number of Kshatriya voters. Therefore, political parties place bets on the Kshatriya candidate in this seat. It is said that whoever gets the blessings of Bisi on this seat, his boat gets crossed. Baisi lives here in the role of King Maker.Read the ground report of King Maker Bisi of politics….

That’s why it’s called Bisi

There are 22 Thakur majority villages in Etmadpur Assembly Constituency. In these villages, 90 percent of the Thakur community lives. The group of these villages is called Baisi. The center of Baisi is Semra village of Khandauli region. The population of Baisi will be around two and a half lakhs. There are about 1.5 lakh voters in Baisi. In the big village of Baisi, there are Semra, Baman, Naharra, Bamboo Sona, Belauth, Aanlakheda, Chaukra, Naya Bamboo, although small settlements have also been settled here. Baisi is also called King Maker because the voter turnout here is 75 percent. That is, in whose favor Bisi votes, then his boat gets crossed. In the year 2012, Dr. Dharampal Singh has won from Etmadpur on BSP ticket and in 2017 Rampratap Singh Chouhan has won from BJP.

There are 22 Thakur majority villages in Etmadpur Assembly Constituency.  In these villages, 90 percent of the Thakur community lives.

Tughlaqi is not a decree, the decision is taken after discussion

Which way the bicy will go, it is decided not in the manifesto of political parties but in the panchayat. The order of the Panchayat is not like a Tughlaqi decree, but all the people of the village take a squeeze by contemplating on the condition of the village and the villagers. This panchayat of purely Thakurs is based on ethnicity, but the scale changes when two candidates of their own caste are in the fray. Decisions are taken after examining many parameters like conduct, devotion to the area, sensitivity towards the villagers.

This is the opinion of the people of Bisi

The daily team reached to know the mood of Bisi in the assembly elections. There was a crowd of people in the Gram Panchayat office as soon as they entered the village. So we also stopped there. Inside, village head Sandeep Kumar was talking with the villagers. Here in the past, discussions were going on regarding the coming of former BSP MLA Dr. Dharampal Singh to the BJP. Shyam Singh said that the current MLA Ram Pratap Singh did a lot of work in five years. However, some people took great advantage in his name. Now BJP should give ticket to Dr. Dharampal or MLA Ram Pratap, we are with the party.

When asked if two Thakur candidates will fight from different parties, will Baisi’s vote be divided? On this Vishnu Sikarwar said that Baisi had seen both Dr. Dharampal and the current MLA Ram Pratap in the last 10 years. Now both are in the same party, so whoever gets the ticket will get the benefit. If the SP also fielded a Thakur candidate, it would be decided by looking at the candidate. But the vote of Bisi will not be divided. A little ahead of the panchayat office, there was a crowd of people at the chaupal. Political discussion was going on here too. Bahadur Singh Chouhan said that if the BJP fielded Dharampal Singh, he would benefit. The present MLA did the work but the people living with him spoiled his image.


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