‘BJP can’t tolerate opposition’s government’: CM said – these people are engaged in sabotage, behind the scenes they have their hands; Phone tapping is their nature

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After Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel’s statement in Delhi, the genie of phone tapping has come out again. When BJP State President Vishnudev Sai questioned the Chief Minister regarding phone tapping, the Chief Minister made a scathing attack on the BJP. He said phone tapping is the nature of BJP. In the number of raids that took place in the last few days, the details of the conversation were told to the people from the agencies. Was this taping done by the legal way?

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, who returned from Delhi, said in a conversation with reporters at Raipur airport, BJP is unable to tolerate that the opposition government should run. So they are engaged in sabotage. He first went to Gujarat, then went to Assam. It means the same people behind the scenes. Kiya in Karnataka, Kiya in Rajasthan, Kiya in Madhya Pradesh, are constantly engaged here too. Sometimes ED, sometimes IT, sometimes its, sometimes its. Sometimes phone tapping. All these people are doing this. Illegally doing it.

The Chief Minister said, now Vishnudev Sai is asking questions. I want to ask him, who got Pegasus to spy. Tell them whether the phone tapping did not happen to their leaders. The opposition also happened, the bureaucrats also happened and their leaders also happened. What will Vishnudev Sai and Raman Singh ji say in his case? In that case, even the judges’ phones were tapped. Their nature is that of phone tapping. Ask the number of raids that have taken place now whether the central agency is taping the phones or not.

CM said that his government is his agency, ask him whether he is doing or not. Told those who were raided here that they did not tell that you had said this. Did he tap the phone through the legal way? This is their old track record. On this basis, I have said that the phones are being tapped. Nothing new. Tell me about this Pegasus. Raman Singh, let us tell you that in the past, the phones of journalists were tapped or not. There were officers or there were not.

Suspended IPS Mukesh Gupta also mentioned

The Chief Minister also referred to the suspended IPS Mukesh Gupta and the charges against him. He said, what did Mukesh Gupta do. They were also in EOW from both sides and were also in Intelligence. Used to use both the same. Everyone knows what happened. At the time of Raman Singh, what officers, what legislators, whether ministers were all afraid not to talk.

What did Vishnudev Sai asked, on which this reaction came

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, in a conversation with the media in Delhi two days ago, had alleged that there is an attempt to destabilize his government, so the central government is getting phone taping done in him. After this, Chhattisgarh BJP President Vishnudev Sai had asked questions to the Chief Minister through the media. He asked, Bhupesh Baghel, which Congress minister, MLA is doing immoral work whose phone is being tapped? What such acts is Bhupesh Baghel government doing over the phone, due to which the fear of blackmailing them by tapping the phone is tormenting them? And is Bhupesh Baghel in danger from inside his house (cabinet)? If so, why are they not taking action against such comrades, whose words are exposed, they fear that their government will be unstable?

Claim- Anusuiya Uikey of Congress background, hence not made presidential candidate

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel claimed that Chhattisgarh Governor Anusuiya Uikey was also a contender for the post of President. He said, Anusuiya Uike ji was also engaged, but she did not get a chance. Because he had a Congress background. She was earlier an MLA from Congress.

Central agencies behind Maharashtra crisis

The Chief Minister has blamed the central government and their agencies behind the current political crisis in Maharashtra. He said, how the policemen are stumbling and taking them at the airport, it is visible. All this is being used for horse-trading, deceit-force. After all Narayan Rane, Hemant Biswasharma, Mukul Roy were all in opposition and ED case was made, IT case was made, then there was a lot of hue and cry that it is a very big case. As soon as he left (in BJP), all was well. Just now one person Hardik Patel has also gone. Everyone understands why he has gone. When you go there, everything becomes pure. Fair and Lovely.

Center’s challenge on Agneepath, it has to be withdrawn

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said, like three black laws were made. Rahul ji said, it has to be taken back and taken. Apologized. What have you not done before that? Declared the farmers as terrorists, surrounded the wires, dug pits, nailed them, did everything. Even after doing everything, the law had to be withdrawn. First done with the farmer, now he is doing it with the youth. This law will also be returned. It has not even been discussed in the Lok Sabha, it is a far cry from being passed. This country belongs to farmers and soldiers. Lal Bahadur Shastri gave the slogan Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan. First the farmers were crushed, now there is a preparation to crush the soldiers.

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