BJP is spending extravagantly on propaganda: Rajendra Jar said – misuse of government machinery, collecting donations from officials

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In Himachal, Hamirpur Congress President Rajendra Jar alleged that the BJP government was ruthlessly wasting the government money earned by the poor laborer’s blood and sweat on the promotion of his party instead of using it for the betterment of the people. Jairam government is misusing the government machinery for its selfishness. Now, by crossing all the limits of democratic limits, the government officials and employees have also been imposed on collecting donations for the party.

The receipt of the party’s donation has been delivered to the books. Some obedient government officials and employees become the stooges of the BJP with great sincerity, a BJP rally to be held in Mandi on September 24, in which the Prime Minister of the country will be specially involved. They are collecting thousands of rupees by putting pressure on their chair.

They too are competing to prove their loyalty to the BJP. He said that the Congress party wants to warn such officers and government employees that they should not work as BJP workers. Avoid crossing government job rules and constitutional Lakshman Rekha.

They should understand that governments come and go. After all, he is a public servant. Staying within the same circle, they should do their given work. On behalf of the District Congress Committee, on behalf of the District Congress Committee, the big industrialist Gautam Adani, a friend of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has congratulated the Prime Minister for coming first in the wealth in Asia. At least his slogan ‘Sabka Saath Adani Ka Vikas’ proved to be true. If the Prime Minister’s true support and blessings were not with him, he would hardly have achieved this achievement.

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