BJP leader raped a girl in a car: Bid – brought from Jabalpur to Bhopal in the name of getting a job; 1.80 lakh also grabbed

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A case of raping a 28-year-old girl from Jabalpur has come to light in the name of getting a job. The girl alleges that BJP leader (business cell) Shashikant Soni brought her from Jabalpur to Bhopal and raped her in the car. When the victim started crying, took her back to Jabalpur and dropped her on the highway. The mobile number of the victim was also blocked. On not getting the job, the victim reached Bhopal on Thursday and lodged a complaint at TT Nagar police station. The police have registered a case but could not arrest the accused. On the other hand, on Friday evening, the party expelled Soni for six years.

Know what the victim told in the FIR…

The girl who accused the BJP leader of rape told the police, I work as a private computer operator in Jabalpur. I went with my resume in search of job in Municipal Corporation Jabalpur. There I met Shashikant Soni. I asked him where is the computer room. He asked me, why? I told that I have come to give resume for job. He saw my resume and documents. Said- I will get your government job. He talked to me standing there for about 1 hour and said, government job will cost. I asked how much, he said – 1 lakh 80 thousand rupees will be taken. I said ok, I will arrange. I called Shashikant after arranging the money. He said – okay, you will have to go to Bhopal with your documents and resume. There is no work from Jabalpur. All the leaders are in Bhopal only.

Shashikant came to Bhopal with his car at 5:30 in the morning of March 5. We reached Bhopal at 12 o’clock. He went somewhere with my resume and documents, asking me to sit in the car. I don’t know the name of the area where we went, but the market area was there. Shashikant came after an hour and a half and said that your work is done. I said, let’s go home. On this Shashikant said that I have more work. I’ll do that too. You sit in the car. He took me to different places. Comes back in 15 minutes from somewhere. Anywhere in 30 minutes….

He took me to the bank of the pond in the evening. He had taken sandwiches and wafers. He was drinking something from the bottle on the bank of the pond. I don’t know what he was drinking. From there he took me in front of Jain temple behind TT Nagar Stadium at around 9 pm. I put the sandwich back on the account and started touching me here and there. Shut down the car. Lock the car and make a connection. I started crying. Returned to Jabalpur at night and dropped it on the highway. From here I went home. Shashikant was repeatedly apologizing to me. After that the conversation continued with the message. Now I ask for a job, so it gets angry. Now he even blocked my phone number. There is no contact with Shashikant.

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BJP district president expelled from the party
BJP leader Shashikant Soni has been expelled from BJP after a rape case was registered. The party has kicked out Sony for 6 years. District President GS Thakur issued a letter in this regard on Friday evening. He wrote- His act is shameful and it has adversely affected the image of the party.

Shashikant Soni working in many positions in BJP
BJP leader Shashikant Soni is working in many positions. He is a life member of Quality Council of India. Along with this, the Airport Authority of India is a member in the advisory committee of Dumna Airport, Government of India. Became a member of the District Disaster Management Committee during Kovid. Shashikant is also a member of the city sales committee of Municipal Corporation, Jabalpur. Along with this, BJP leader has also been the former District President of NGO of Accreditation Journalists Commission, New Delhi. Former member of Central Coffee Board, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, District Small Industries Promotion Board, Jabalpur, former member in Madhya Pradesh Government, has also performed the responsibility of former District Convenor of BJP Merchant Cell. The BJP leader had also made his office in Jabalpur’s Right Town.

BJP leader Shashikant, who was accused of raping a girl in a car, has also been seen with big leaders of the party.  He was also seen in a program with state president VD Sharma.
The BJP leader had written a letter to Minister Bhupendra Singh asking for the victim's job.  He had requested for a contractual job in any government department.
The accused Shashikant Soni identifies himself as the Jabalpur District President of the Preferential Journalists Commission.  He is also a life member of Quality Council of India.
After the incident, accused Shashikant was repeatedly apologizing to the victim.  During this, he kept talking on the message.  The girl has evidence of this in Jabalpur.

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