BJP’s counterattack in Lakhimpur violence … Brahmin Vs Sikh: After reaching the house of the Brahmin dead, BJP minister Brijesh Pathak said – justice will be done; The father of the deceased said – my son will get martyr status

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After the Lakhimpur violence, the opposition parties had avoided meeting the families of the Brahmin dead, now the BJP has reached there. Minister Brijesh Pathak has reached Lakhimpur to give a message to the Brahmins by sharing the pain of the family of the deceased Shubham and Hari Om Mishra. With the mobilization of Brahmins in the entire Terai including Lakhimpur, now the politics of Hindu vs Sikh has started.

BJP wants to take advantage of this. Hari Om Mishra’s father has said that the minister has assured justice. My son will be given martyr status. Veteran leaders of Congress, SP and BSP reached Lakhimpur to offer condolences after eight killings including four farmers.

But none of the leaders went to take care of those Brahmin families whose loved ones were killed in this violence. Meanwhile, after the Punjab CM and Akali Dal leaders reached Lakhimpur, the opposition confined to Brahmins turned into Hindu versus Sikh politics.

Minister Brijesh Pathak consoles the family members of Hari Om Mishra.

On the other hand, a section of the Sikh community, which came openly with the BJP after the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, refused to take sympathy for the Congress by calling it anti-Sikh, citing the 1984 riots. Enlightened people of the district say that the election is very near and the atmosphere has become completely Hindu versus Sikh. Sikhs are rich but so few in vote count that they alone cannot play a decisive role.

The gathering of Brahmin leaders of Purvanchal
After the violence, when the matter of discrimination against the family of the deceased Brahmins arose, it first reached the ears of the Brahmins of Purvanchal. A woman leader of the Brahmin Mahasabha from Gorakhpur first went to his door to express condolences. Since then, there has been a continuous flow of leaders coming and going. This also gave an idea that the people of the district are not seeing this violence only by connecting them with the farmers but they have sincere condolences to every person who died. Realizing the atmosphere, BJP sent minister Brijesh Pathak to heal the wounds of Brahmin victims’ families.

Son’s arrest changed the picture, demand for resignation continues
The son of Union Minister of State for Home Ajay Mishra, the main accused in the violence, is behind bars. No one had any idea of ​​his silence from the image people had seen so far of Ajay Mishra, who had a domineering image in the district. But now their silence is being seen from the point of view of moral and responsible public representatives. On the other hand, the arrest of the minister’s son is being considered as zero tolerance of the BJP government towards crime. Although there is pressure from the farmer leaders regarding the resignation of the minister, but the tone of opposition’s protest has subsided a bit.

Minister Ajay Mishra explaining to his supporters after his son went into police custody.

The growing stature of ‘Maharaj’ as a Brahmin face
After the violence, the Hindu vs Sikh wall standing in the Terai is giving an opportunity to even a big Brahmin leader to get ready. This face is none other than the center of the controversy and the Union Minister Ajay Mishra Teni, popularly known as ‘Maharaj’ throughout the district. In fact, since the BJP did not have any big Brahmin face yet, Jitin Prasad was going to get the responsibility of joining this camp in the assembly elections. Jitin Prasad also belongs to the same region. But in the current situation, the way Brahmins are suddenly mobilizing, the picture seems to be changing.

Dalit and Kurmi voters dominated
From the political point of view, the share of Sikh community in Lakhimpur Kheri’s population of about 40 lakhs is very less. The area is dominated by Dalit and backward class voters. There are about 4.25 lakh Dalits and five lakh OBC voters here. Apart from this, Muslim voters are also around 3.25 lakhs.


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