BJP’s retaliate on Akhilesh’s statement: BJP President said that the Yogi government’s bulldozer hurts the SP the most

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In the midst of intensifying electoral politics in UP, the war of words also gained momentum. On Wednesday, BJP retaliated on SP’s national president Akhilesh Yadav’s statement of Baba Chief Minister’s bull, bulldozer. BJP state president Swatantra Dev Singh said that the criminals and mafia on whom the bulldozer of the Yogi government is running, these people were running parallel government before 2017.

Swatantra Dev Singh said that the mafia elements in the SP government had set up their cells by capturing the lands of the poor. Now the Yogi government is making houses for the poor by taking back the illegal possession from them, then Akhilesh Yadav is suffering. He said that the Samajwadi Party and its President Akhilesh Yadav are suffering the most due to the bulldozer running on the mafia. Under the SP rule, goons and mafia were being taken on a plane ride. Crime and hooliganism used to be free, the Yogi government is feeding them the air of jail. It is natural for Akhilesh to be sad when a bulldozer is running on his illegal properties acquired from organized crime.

The BJP President said that it is a matter of both surprise and sadness that the general public is welcoming the action against organized crime by the Yogi government with open heart but it is the cause of most pain for the SP President. Obviously all these criminals have been associated with SP. He said that the Samajwadi Party chief should remember that one of the main reasons for his being out of power was hooliganism and sheltering criminals. Said that even more shocking thing is that the person who has been the Chief Minister himself is openly opposing the action against criminals and mafia, due to which both the character and compulsion of SP is in front of everyone. With this protest, the SP chief has confirmed why his party has been considered criminal and synonymous with crime.

BJP President targets Vijay Rath Yatra

Swatantra Dev Singh said that after a long time, the SP chief Yogi, who came out of the five-star rath yatra from the palace, has come down on the air promise after seeing the on-ground development of the government. He said that the agenda of the SP government was limited to the development of Apna and Saifai. Electricity was also available in select cities only. All 75 districts of the state are VIPs for the BJP government. Plenty of electricity is available in all the districts. In the previous governments, the neglected Bundelkhand region is going to be opened through development by connecting it with the expressway. Industrial corridors are going to be built on both sides of the expressway. For the first time, after removing the biggest drinking water problem of Bundelkhand, the BJP government is supplying water through door-to-door pipes. Better arrangements have been made for agriculture and irrigation.

Akhilesh had taunted by calling Chief Minister Baba

Akhilesh Yadav, who was on the election victory rath yatra, had fiercely attacked the BJP in Kanpur on Wednesday. He had said that Chief Minister Baba has only bulls and bulldozers. Both will disappear along with Chief Minister Baba as soon as the SP government is formed. By bull he meant stray animals.


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