Boat full of students submerged in Son river in Anuppur: 20 students fell into the river; The girl said – if she drowns in the middle of the stream, no one will be saved

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A boat full of school students capsized in the Son river in Anuppur district on Thursday. All the children were going to school by crossing the river from Nava to study. As soon as it reached the other end of the river, the boat sank into the water. There were 20 students in the boat. Fortunately, all the students were rescued after the accident. From here the girl students have been admitted to the district hospital.

The accident took place in Chachai, village panchayat, Kilhori, 20 km away from the district headquarters. Many students come here by crossing the Son river to study in the Government Higher Secondary School. On Thursday also 20 students from other villages including Bakeli, Podi, Kodayali, Khada, Manpur were going to school. Two girl students were injured when the boat sank. Students Khushi Kewat and Chandni Kewat have suffered injuries in their back and legs. He has been admitted to the district hospital on Thursday afternoon after being panicked.

The girl said – if the boat sinks in the middle of the stream, we would not have survived
accident occurred Student Khushboo Patel told That The boat had students from class 9 to 12. These included 18 girls and two boys. The boat sank as soon as it reached the other side of the river. There was a scream as the boat sank. It was fortunate that there was a river bank, the depth was less here. The boatmen and people on the shore rescued us. The water level of the river has increased due to rain in the area for two days. Had the boat sunk in the middle of the stream, I and my companions might not have survived. We were terrified as the boat sank. Our books and clothes were all ruined.

Sailor said – the boat drowned in the flurry of landing
Sailor Jagdish Kewat told that As usual on Thursday morning at 10 o’clock he was going to drop the school children across the river. Students were sitting in the boat. After walking from Bakeli village, as soon as the boat reached the other end of the Son river, the students tried to land. In this flurry, the boat got into the water uncontrollably. All the students were evacuated safely. His books got soaked in it. Thankfully, none of the students were hurt in this accident.

The construction of this bridge is going on for seven years
The people of the village told that due to the incomplete work of the bridge on the river, they have to cross the river by boat risking their lives every day. For this, a fare of 20 rupees has to be paid for one round. Students from about 10 villages of the area come to Chachai to study. A bridge is being built here. The construction has not been completed even after seven years. For four years, 20 per cent of the work on the bridge is stuck.

Even after seven years, the work of the bridge has not been completed.

Ban on sending children to school by boat
Immediately informed about this to the Kotwali police. On receiving the information, SP Akhil Patel, SDOP Kirti Baghel, District Panchayat President Preeti Ramesh Singh, Kotwali police station in-charge Amar Verma reached the spot. Took information about the incident from the villagers. The SP directed to stop the students from crossing the river by boat.

On getting the information, officials and public representatives reached the spot.
After some time the villagers took the boat out of the river.
Children's bags and books were soaked by the water of the river.

Villagers said – send children to school by bus till the bridge is built
Villagers said that the closure of the boat would affect the education of school children. The villagers have demanded bus facility to send the children to school. A memorandum will be given to the rural collector regarding this on Friday. In this, they will demand to get the bridge constructed soon and send the children to school by buses till the construction is completed.

The daily had published the news a few days ago about the incomplete bridge on the river and the risk of the boat. In this the attention of the responsible was attracted. read full news Children of 10 villages reaching school sitting in boat, responsible said – will make arrangements after inspection

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