Washington, Online Desk. Dr. Anthony Fassi, America’s top infectious disease scientist and Chief Medical Adviser to the US government, has emphasized on a booster dose of the vaccine to beat the corona infection. Dr. Fassi said, ‘Boosters are very important. We believe that at present, a booster dose of the vaccine is capable of providing a high level of protection in keeping us safe from the deadly corona infection.’ A video has been released from the official Twitter handle of the White House in which Dr. Fassi is seen explaining the importance of the booster.

In the video, Dr Fassi expressed happiness over the CDC allowing booster shots for all adults and said that if you have taken two doses of the corona vaccine Moderna or Pfizer, you can get a booster dose after six months. On the other hand, if you have taken Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine, then after two months you will have to take a booster.

The journey of corona virus started from China at the end of 2019 and it took the whole world in its clutches within just two-three months. On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization declared it a pandemic. It proved to be so dangerous and deadly that by the end of March, the whole world was locked down. From the beginning of the Corona epidemic till now, America has been the worst situation in the world.

According to the data released by Johns Hopkins University of America on Tuesday morning, so far there have been a total of 258,172,735 cases of corona infection in the whole world, while 5,158,642 infected people have died. Also, 7,423,214,529 vaccines have been administered so far to protect against corona. Talking about America, so far the total number of infected people here is 47,886,798 and the death toll is 772,414.

Edited By: Monika Minal