Muzaffarpur, Jan. Hundreds of students may be deprived of appearing in the graduation part three session 2018-21 examination on behalf of BRA Bihar University. Students are upset due to no improvement in the pending results in the first and second year examinations. On Monday, dozens of students came to meet the controller of examination with the problem of the result of the result.

Roshan Kumar, a student of LS College, told that the result of the second year examination is pending. Since the release of the result, five times have applied from college to university. Till now the result could not be improved. Unable to fill the third year examination form due to the result of the result. Jyoti, a student of the same college, told that Mathematics was an optional subject. It was promoted in the first year. After this the second year examination was passed. Along with this, the exam of the promoted paper was also given.

The second year result has come but the first year result has not come yet. Because of this I am not able to fill the exam form. Dozens of students, including Kainat, Priyanka Kumari, told the Controller of Examinations that there was no improvement in the results for two years. If it is not rectified in a day or two, another year will be wasted. They will be debarred from the third year examination. The controller of examination said that the result of the examination will be rectified soon.

Edit option given to colleges for next three days

In view of the difficulty being faced in filling the examination form, the college has been given the right to edit on behalf of the university. For the next three days, the students in the colleges can rectify the errors in the form. Controller of Examinations Dr. Sanjay Kumar told that complaints were being made by the students about the discrepancy in the uploaded data. Colleges did not have the facility to edit the application. In such a situation, the option of editing has been given keeping in view the problems of the students. Said that the students whose data is not visible on the portal can go to the college and get it added. The controller of examination said that the colleges have been asked to edit the master data properly so that the result is not pending.

Many colleges added wrong registration in master data

The controller of examination said that the colleges are constantly being given guidelines in this direction that the results are not pending from the examination department, but even after this, negligence is being done on their part. Told that many colleges have added wrong registration number of students in the master data itself. In such a situation, in case of different registration numbers, the result may be pending.

Edited By: Dharmendra Kumar Singh