Brain tumor operation by speech mapping: While the patient was fully conscious, doctors successfully operated on his brain tumor.

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In a city hospital, a 26-year-old patient was conscious of his brain tumor for the first time in Faridabad with the help of successful speech mapping surgery. This surgery has been done by Dr. Kamal Verma, Dr. Gaurav Kesari and Dr. RK Singh. The patient is now completely healthy.

This operation of the patient was quite complicated:

Patient Tarachand suffered a stroke a few days back. When his brain was examined, brain tumor was confirmed in it. Which was located in that part of the brain or the part that controls the body’s ability to speak. The patient showed up at other hospitals where he was told that if his brain tumor was operated on, his ability to speak would be permanently impaired and he would never be able to speak normally. After this the patient was brought to Sarvodaya Hospital in Sector-8.

Usually such operations are performed unconsciously:

Dr. Kamal Verma, Director, Department of Neuro Surgery told that when the patient reached Sarvodaya Hospital, after functional MRI test, it was decided to remove this tumor from his brain by a complex operation. Since in the traditional technique, the patient is completely unconscious and the tumor is removed by operating his brain and this tumor was in the speaking part of the brain. There could also be a risk of losing the ability to speak. Therefore, preparations were made to complete this operation keeping the patient in complete consciousness. The biggest advantage of operating the patient fully awake was that if there was any weakness in speech while removing the tumor, it could be handled immediately. In this operation, technology was used at many levels to save the patient from paralysis.

Modern machines were used in the operation:

Modern machines like functional MRI, neuro navigation, QUSA machine and NEM were used in the operation. Neuro surgery specialist Dr. Gaurav Kesari said that in most of the awake brain surgeries, mapping of the whole brain is done but in surgery only that part of the brain. was mapped to where the tumor was. By which we were able to find out the exact stage and position of the tumor and we removed as much of the tumor as possible without harming the normal speech of the patient. Senior Anesthesia Specialist Dr. RK Singh said that anesthesia has a very important contribution in this type of surgery because there is no difference between the speech area and the rest of the brain. So it could only be done by stimulating the patient to be conscious and in a fully alert state, and by paying attention to his speech during the operation. So we had no option to make him unconscious. Keeping him conscious, it was a big challenge for the surgeon to reach the brain by cutting the bones of the head. We numb several nerves supplying the head that are not even visible, one by one. We did this successfully using a very thin 29 gauge needle. The patient also cooperated in this entire surgery. According to Dr. Saurabh Gehlot, it is very important to have mutual coordination with the skilled team to perform this type of operation. We are constantly striving to provide the best results of even the toughest surgeries with the help of advanced medical techniques and efficient medical interventions.


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