Brazil mourns Pele’s death

SportsFootballBrazil mourns Pele's death
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From Pele’s home town of Minas Gerais to big cities like Rio de Janeiro, the news of the death of this legendary footballer spread silence.

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Jorge Tavares, 67, who lives in Pele’s hometown, learned of the footballer’s death at four in the morning. As a child, Tavares used to listen to Pele on the radio with his cousin. Impressed by his game, he was associated with football.

Tavares said, “He has left a legacy. He represented every Brazilian citizen abroad.

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Many people started crying at the death of Pele. Paulo Vinicius, playing soccer with his nephew on Rio de Janeiro’s Ipanema beach, broke down in tears when he heard the news.

Rosalie Augusto, 55, who lives in Minas Gerais, said, “Pele gave a new identity to the Brazilian people. He is our role model. He was the best player in the world.

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Lucia Cunha is one of the millions of Pele fans. She heard about his exploits on the radio and read about them in the newspapers.

He said, “Pele inspired people of all ages, from children. He was our idol.

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