British University research: Do not praise your children too much, it will adversely affect their development

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Often parents keep praising their children. They exaggerate even the slightest achievement of their children in front of the children as if they have accomplished a great feat. But you should avoid doing so. This can prove fatal for your own children. Children also get bullied. They fail to face difficult situations.

These facts have been revealed in a recent research by the University of Exeter, UK. 4500 parents were included in the research. According to Eliot Major of the University’s Department of Social Mobility, 85% of the parents surveyed were not aware that over-praising their children was adversely affecting their children’s learning.

According to Major, parents believe that speaking or praising children positive things will develop their abilities, but it has the opposite effect on them. She gave an example of how 18 year old British tennis star Emma Radukanu’s parents never praised her too much and today Emma is the biggest tennis star in the world.

When Emma recently won the US Open tennis title, she herself spoke about how her parents never over-appreciated her and inspired her to move on.

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