Budhaditya Yoga Nov 2021: According to astrologers, in the month of November, very auspicious Buddhaditya coincidence is being created. According to astrologers, the planet Mercury will enter Scorpio on November 21. Sun is already transiting in Scorpio from 16th November. This combination of Sun and Mercury is called Buddhaditya Yoga. According to astrologers, this yoga will remain till December 10. This yoga is affecting all the zodiac signs and their natives. Let us know for which zodiac signs Budhaditya Yoga is bringing good news.

1-Leo Zodiac –

Budhaditya Yoga is creating auspicious combination for the people of Leo zodiac. The people of Leo zodiac in this yoga are likely to get benefits in the field of job and business. There is a possibility of increase in the source of income or promotion in the job. Family members will get support and health will also be good.

2- Virgo-

Budhaditya yoga is also auspicious for the people of Virgo zodiac. The increase in communication skills of the people of this yoga zodiac will increase social value, prestige. There are full chances of getting success in business deal. There will be new allies in the field of work who will play with you in your success.

3- Aquarius –

This Budhaditya Yoga of the conjunction of Mercury and Sun is also bringing good news for the people of Aquarius. You will definitely get the fruits of hard work, respect will increase at the work place. Opportunities for economic gains are being created, in this context travel may also have to be done.

4- Pisces –

Budhaditya Yoga is creating success in every field for the people of Pisces. Success will be achieved in all fields in money investment, business, job. There will also be sweetness in family and marital relations, everyone will get cooperation.


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Edited By: jeetesh kumar