Bullets fired in Amritsar: Kot Khalsa incident; 2 youths try to kill the salon man; White Activa caught in CCTV

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Amritsar of Punjab was once again hit by bullets. Around 10 pm, two youths who came on Activa opened fire in Kot Khalsa area of ​​Amritsar. But Activa riders were caught on camera. After the incident, the police reached the spot and started investigation. Police have also recovered the bullets fired in CCTV possession.

The incident took place at Aadar Level Salon in Kot Khalsa, Amritsar. Around 10 o’clock in the night, customers were getting their cutting done at the salon. Then two bullets were fired directly towards the saloon. The bullet hit the wall directly breaking the glass of the salon. The customers sitting inside and the salon owners doing the cutting could understand something, the second bullet also came straight inside the salon and hit the wall. Two youths opened fire outside and fled from the spot.

The accused seen on CCTV.

accused seen in cctv

In CCTV, two youths were clearly seen firing direct bullets inside the salon. Due to the darkness of the night, the Activa was visible in the camera, but the police could not read the number. The police reached the spot, took CCTV possession and started action on the basis of the statements of the salon owner.

The hunt for the white colored Activa begins

Police of Thana Kot Khalsa has started action based on the statements of the salon owner. A team has started scanning the CCTVs installed in the area, so that the location of the accused can be ascertained. The police have also recovered the bullets that hit the wall and sent them for forensic examination.

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