Business started with 1 lakh spread in 4 states: 2 engineers of Betul became millionaires of bees; Producing honey of many flavors

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Two young engineers of Betul are earning lakhs of rupees by selling honey. Worked for some time, but didn’t feel like it. Both of them thought of farming together. Profits in traditional farming were low. A friend advised beekeeping. Both understood the nuances of beekeeping. Then started the company with one lakh rupees. Business has spread in 4 states including Madhya Pradesh in three years. Now people are bringing honey online. The annual turnover of the company is Rs 30 lakh.

Akash Verma (32) and Akash Magrurkar (33) played together in childhood and studied together in school. Both did engineering together. Akash Verma did his BE from Rajiv Gandhi Technological University Bhopal in 2012. Joined an LED company in 2013. Changed another job in 2016. Then in 2018 he left the job and returned home.

Akash Magrurkar told that he worked as a manager in private companies for 5 years. Didn’t like it. Decided to start his own company. During this time, even after getting jobs in two automobile companies, he did not join.

Both the friends decided to take up beekeeping after leaving their jobs. For this, he took training in beekeeping from Khadi and Village Industry Corporation of Pune. Initially started selling loose honey.

Delivering honey from door to door from e-commerce company
After selling open honey for a year, both the friends registered their company in 2019. Started selling honey with own packaging. Along with Madhya Pradesh, bee boxes were also kept in Rajasthan, Himachal and Punjab. After filling honey in cans, it is taken out and packaging is done. They sell honey through e-commerce sites including surrounding districts. Both the young farmers also get the bees breeding done. An annual income of Rs 3 lakh is earned from breeding. At the same time, they are producing more than 5 tonnes of honey in a year.

150-150 cans of bees are kept at each site.  Each site has a different crop.  Due to which different flavors of honey are found.

Company also started in Rajasthan, Himachal, Punjab
The two friends made preparations to send the boxes of bees to the areas of flora. These coaches were sent to Ludhiana in Punjab, Jhalawar, Sikar in Rajasthan and several districts of Himachal. Where flowers are grown. 150-150 cans were kept at each site. The plan worked and the bees’ flora gave a new fillip to honey production. Now both the friends are producing honey according to the season. Now they get honey from Rajasthan during the harvest of Berry, Bajra, Mustard. In Punjab, honey is obtained during the cultivation of ajwain, eucalyptus and sunflower, while the honey of multi-flora comes from Himachal.

Installed own machines as sales increased
The turnover of the company which started with one lakh rupees has reached 30 lakh rupees today. With the increase in the production and sales of honey, machines like stock, raw material, packaging, silencer, mixer, grinder, printing have been installed in the company.

As the sales of the company increased, both the friends have prepared the setup of packing and labeling.

starting Insects had eaten the wax of bees
When both the friends planned to start honey production as a business, they realized that this is not possible in Betul district. There was risk in production here. In 2019, he kept 15 boxes of bees in Betul, but here the hope was dashed. The bees could not survive here due to low flora. All the boxes were destroyed due to the infestation of insects here. To overcome the shortage of flora, mustard was cultivated, but the wax of bees was eaten by insects, many hives were destroyed. His business was affected during both waves of the corona virus, but he did not give up.

Now know what to keep in mind for beekeeping

Started making pickles after honey
In June 2020, both the friends have started making raw mango pickle. Now they sell seven to eight tonnes of pickles a year. During the summer season raw mangoes are taken and stored in big tanks. Which is prepared according to the order and sent to the market. For this, salesmen have been hired for local and external level. Both told that now they will make and sell domestic products (papad, badi) to give employment to women. For this, women will be given employment.

Now know about some such farmers who are earning lakhs by leaving traditional farming.

Guavas of Guna go to Africa

Gadha village, 10 kms from Guna city. Former district panchayat president Sumer Singh’s family does traditional farming, but his son Dhananjay Singh thought of doing something different. Dhananjay left the risk of traditional farming and planted a guava orchard on 18 bighas of land. The cost of this garden came to around 7 lakh rupees. Now he is earning 18 to 20 lakh rupees per year from guava. click here.

The richness of lemons in the chili pepper

Nuriyakhedi village of Khargone district. Krishnapal Singh Tomar, 35, who lives here, belongs to a farmer family. Left studies after 10th. The responsibility of farming has come. It was becoming difficult to meet the cost from traditional farming. The debt kept increasing. To change the situation, Krishnapal decided to take up gardening. Planted 180 lemon trees. Now earning 2.5 lakh rupees every year. click here.

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