California, ap. One person was killed and five people were seriously injured in a shooting at a church in Southern California, USA. The police arrested the attacker and recovered a weapon from him. According to the Presbytery of Las Ranchos, an administrative body of the church, the church was hosting a banquet in honor of a former pastor of the Taiwanese Congregation who served in Geneva at the time of the attack.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department said gunshots were heard at Geneva Presbyterian Church in the city of Laguna Woods around 1.30 p.m. Sunday. After that there was a stampede. People started running here and there to save their lives. One died on the spot due to bullet injuries, while five others were injured. All the victims of the shooting are elderly. According to the officials, the police have arrested the accused. Weapons have also been recovered from him.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Carrie Brown said 30 people were present in the church at the time of the incident. Most of them were citizens of Taiwanese origin. Brown said the matter was being thoroughly investigated. They believe that the accused must have carried out the crime out of hatred. US officials have assured all possible help to the families of the victims. It is noteworthy that a day earlier, 10 people were killed in a shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

Edited By: Monika Minal