Campaign against coal smuggling: Recovery from illegal coal laden bikes on the roads, stolen stock hidden in the forest

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To stop illegal mining and transportation of coal, the district and police administration constituted a task force and announced to launch a massive campaign from September 15 to 25. The campaign started from Thursday, but on the first day its effect was visible only in a limited area. From morning, took stock of different areas of the district regarding the campaign. Bike smugglers were seen carrying illegal coal on the roads in Dhanbad city. At the same time, three extortionists standing on the road to take money from the smugglers were seen, who fled after seeing the camera. Illegal coal kept hidden in the forest of coal smugglers was seen in Jharia. In Sahanapahari, Kayla was seen cutting from the four highways. However, the anger of the police was seen in Nirsa and Katras. Illegal mining of coal was not seen anywhere. Coal smugglers celebrated unannounced holiday.

Memco – Police kept inside the post, bike riders carrying coal fiercely on the road

In Memco Mor, as soon as dawn broke, the bike riders carried coal. This sequence continued till evening. The police remained inside the checkpost.

Bankmore – Coal carried by more than 100 bikes, three extortionists caught on camera

Not the police, he ran after seeing the camera – 3 recovery men in Bank Mor and Matkuria were seen recovering from the smugglers carrying coal from the bike since morning. Three of them fled as soon as they were caught on cameras.

Jharia Dobari – First done illegal mining, then hid in the forest, now will carry at night

Illegal mining coal hidden in the forest in Jharia’s Dobari. This coal will be carried at night. Cutting was also seen from the highway.

Police claim – Coal confiscated, 4 mouths also filled

On the first day of the campaign, the police issued a release saying that the police raided 46 different places in the district. During this, 72 tonnes and 60 bags of illegal coal were seized. During this, the police also got the filling of 4 illegal mouths done. Did a case.

“BCCL, ECL, District Mining Task Force have been directed to take action. They have been asked to focus more on the operation in those areas where coal smuggling is taking place.”

-Sandeep Singh, DC

“Task force has already been formed for the prevention of illegal coal mining and smuggling. Strict instructions have been given to the police stations to crack down. Action will be taken against the SHO for laxity.”

Sanjeev Kumar, SSP

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