Cancellation of holidays of police officers and jawans in Bihar: Headquarters issued order to make strict security arrangements in Durga Puja

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Leaves of police officers and jawans have been canceled in Bihar. An order in this regard has been issued by the Bihar Police Headquarters. This order of the headquarters, along with all the district police of the state, Government Railway Police, CID, Special Branch, Economic Offenses Unit (EOU), ATS, STF, Training Center Dumraon, CTS Simutalla, CTS Nath Nagar Bhagalpur and BSAP-9 Jamalpur. will be taken. In this regard, a letter of order has been sent from the headquarters to the heads of all these.

Actually, this arrangement has been made to cancel the leave of police officers and jawans especially for 13 days. Navratri is starting from 26 September. Bihar Police Headquarters has taken this step keeping in mind Durga Puja. The biggest challenge for the police is to maintain law and order and communal harmony within the state during the worship.

The headquarters wants that Durga Puja should be completed in a calm and happy atmosphere, for this the holidays of officers and jawans have been cancelled. This arrangement will be from 26 September to 8 October. All SSPs, SPs and heads of every division have been directed by the headquarters to comply with this order in any case. However, officers and jawans will be able to get leave in case of extreme emergency. Such arrangements were made in Bihar last year also during Durga Puja for security.

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