Dialogue Source, Dadasiba : Captain Sanjay Parashar said that the people of Panchayat Aloh, situated at the last end of Jaswan-Paragpur, are willing to give more than 300 kanals of land to the government and the Industries Department was also contacted. In such a situation, efforts should be made to develop an industrial area here. After the 11th Mahayagya organized in Aloh Panchayat on Tuesday, Sanjay said that today the population is increasing and employment opportunities are decreasing. Small scale or cottage industries can be set up in villages where land is vacant and land owners are ready to sell or lease.

They have to take effective steps in a systematic manner to create employment opportunities. The target is to connect 25,000 youth with employment in the next five years. In many areas, the common man is not getting enough water supply. Instead of tankers for water supply, work should be done towards smooth running of drinking water schemes. People of about 200 families participated in the Mahayagya organized in Aloh.

During this, Captain Sanjay Parashar inaugurated the 32nd Free English Learning and Computer Center at Aloh Panchayat. He said that there is no dearth of talent in rural areas. Centers are being opened in every Panchayat of Jaswan Paragpur. On this occasion, Sonika Parashar, wife of Captain Sanjay Parashar, Aloha Panchayat Deputy President Ashwani Sharma, Pritam Chand, Pawan Kumar, Manohar Lal, Lucky, Vachitra, Tilakraj, Sardari Lal, Bahadur Singh, Hari Singh, Sudhir, Manjeet, Kartar, Harpal and Ashok be present.

Edited By: Jagran