Car theft from outside the house in Amritsar: The car was stolen by bypassing the immobilizer system in Guru Amardas Avenue, otherwise the car

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Car thief gang is active in Amritsar district of Punjab for the last few days. Thieves also steal the car by bypassing the immobilizer system (cannot start the car with another key) in cars parked on the side of the house or road. Thieves stole a car at Guru Amardas Avenue in Amritsar around 7 am on Thursday and fled.

Atul Gulati, who lives in Guru Amardas Avenue, Amritsar, informed that he had parked his silver colored Hyundai Verna car number DL10CS4788 outside the house at night. The car was parked outside the house around 6.30 am, he even saw the car, but when he came out of the house at 7.30, the car was not there.

Car stolen from outside the house.

Started investigation after watching CCTV

Atul Gulati told that he has started looking at the CCTV cameras installed around his house, so that the departure and arrival of the accused can be known. At the same time, the matter has also been reported to the police and the police has started investigation at its level.

Car was also stolen from outside Mahindra showroom 10 days ago

About 10 days ago, miscreants stole the beat car from outside the Mahindra showroom located on GT Road. These thieves were so expert that they even bypassed the immobilizer system of the car. This incident was captured in CCTV.

Thieves know how to deactivate immobilizer

On the other hand, car experts believe that thieves know vehicles very well. They bypassed the immobilizer system of the car, which common thieves cannot do. Immobilizer is a technology in which the vehicle is started with its own key. The car engine will not start until the original key is inserted into the keyhole of the car.

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