Saran. Career counseling cell will be constituted in all the affiliated and affiliated colleges of Jaiprakash University. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has sent a letter to the university administration regarding this. It has been said that career counseling cell should be started compulsorily in degree colleges. Corona has also had an impact in the field of employment. In such a situation, the scheme is being implemented to provide information about the career to the students at the college level without delay. After this, JPU administration is going to start career counseling cell again in the colleges of Chapra, Siwan and Gopalganj. Along with the counseling of the students, there is also a plan to organize an employment fair for the students. This job fair will be held in the college campus itself, in which many companies will be called. With this, students will not have to wander for employment. They will be able to get placement from the campus itself. The college administration has started work on this scheme. However, due to lack of employable courses in the university, there will be a problem in organizing the employment fair. Here through career counseling, students will be given information about employment in various fields.

Earlier, in many degree colleges, there was a career counseling cell for the students, but it was not functioning properly. It will be activated again. Seminars and workshops will be organized in the college by at least one career counseling cell in a month.

It may be mentioned that in order to complete the course from Jaypee University, students have to wander here and there for jobs. They apply for jobs only in a limited number of places. Many times when a student could not get a job, he used to sit at home disappointed. Such students will be given information about different areas of employment in the career counseling cell. When they will get information about different areas of employment, then they will find employment opportunities in these areas also. Keeping such students in mind, UGC has asked to set up career counseling cells in all universities and colleges. After this, the Jaypee University administration has instructed the principal to set up a career cell in the colleges. Inset:

Listen to the students:

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The formation of career cell in Jaypee University will benefit the students, but for this, the university will have to regularize the first session.

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Even after the order of the University Grants Commission, it will take time to set up a career counseling cell in the college here. University administration should be constituted soon. Vipul Kumar Singh Photo 09 CPR 14

The formation of career counseling cell in university colleges will greatly benefit the students.

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In many colleges of Jaypee University, the career counseling cell was open earlier, but it was not functioning properly. If it is open now, it should also be monitored.

Poornima Chauhan.

Edited By: Jagran