New Delhi [रीतिका मिश्रा], The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Saturday conducted the class 10 social science examination across the country. The exam was of total two hours which lasted from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm. The question paper was of total 40 marks. The students who came out of the Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan Mehta School, located at KG Marg, were looking very happy. Students said that the question paper was quite easy as compared to the rest of the papers. The students told that direct questions were asked to them in the question paper.

All questions were from NCERT

All the questions were from NCERT. A total of 13 questions were asked in the paper. However, it also had an internal option. In this, two questions were from case study and one from map. Case study questions were of four marks each. At the same time, the question of map was of total three marks. Map questions were related to History and Geography.

Question paper was easier than term 1 exam

In this, the students were asked questions related to the identification of major sea ports and the Dandi March. The students said that the question paper was easier than the Term 1 exam. According to him, if someone had not studied more than NCERT, then he too could have written the answers to the questions. Because the questions in the question paper were asked very straight and clear.

what students say

The question paper was very easy. But, the question related to the rise of political parties in this confused a bit. All easy I found map and case study questions. I hope to get more than 39 marks.

Aryanstudent, class 10

The questions in the paper were asked very straight forward. If you had prepared for the exam from NCERT, then you have got a lot of benefit from it. I hope to get more than 35 marks in this exam.

Raghav, student, class 10

Edited By: Prateek Kumar