New Delhi, ANI. Communist Party of India (Marxist) general secretary Sitaram Yechury on Tuesday alleged that the central government was hiding the truth from the country about the power crisis and shortage of coal. He says that there have been complaints from various states about the closure of thermal units.

Speaking to news agency ANI, Yechury said, “Ministers say there is no shortage of coal, but complaints are coming from every state that thermal units are closed and power generation is not happening because there is no coal.” He further alleged that the government is now hiding facts like they were doing during the second wave of COVID-19 regarding oxygen shortage.

Yechury said, ‘It is as if there was a shortage of oxygen during the second wave of COVID-19. Why doesn’t the government tell the truth in front of the country? I urge this government to tell the truth to the people of the country. Till when will you run the government by misleading the public?

The Ministry of Power on Monday sent a letter to the states requesting them to use the allocated power for supplying electricity to the consumers of the state. In case of surplus power, States are requested to inform so that it can be reallocated to other needy States.

The Ministry of Power has further warned the states that if a state sells power in the power exchange or does not schedule this allocated power, their unconnected power may be temporarily reduced or given back to other states. those that require electricity.

Edited By: Nitin Arora