Center issues new rules for social media influencers, may have to pay a fine of 50 lakhs for violation

TechnologyCenter issues new rules for social media influencers, may have to pay...
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The central government has taken a big step to save the public from being misled by digital advertisements. Let us tell you, the Center has issued new guidelines for social media influencers and celebrities. The Department of Consumer Affairs under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution has launched ‘Endorsements Know-hows!’ for Celebrities, Influencers and Virtual Influencers on Social Media Platforms. has been issued. This has been done so that people are not misled by the advertisement of the product.

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Heavy fines and strict legal action have been recorded in the new guidelines. Apart from this, if the influencers violate the guidelines, it is also mentioned to ban their endorsement of the product.

According to the official release of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the decision has come after the authorities deliberated on the progress of influencers on digital platforms and social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
The ministry says that these rules apply to all those who have the ability to influence the purchase decision or opinion of buyers about any product, service or brand. The new guidelines now make it mandatory for an influencer to disclose any material relationship with the advertiser.

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The official release said, “This includes not only benefits and incentives, but also monetary or other compensation, trips or hotel stays, media barters, coverage and prizes, free products with or without conditions, discounts, gifts and any also include family or personal or employment relationships.”

Apart from this, the advertisement should be made in easy and clear language. In addition, the use of words such as “advertisement”, “sponsored” or “paid promotion” must be avoided.

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According to the ministry, “they should not endorse any product or service in which due diligence has not been done by them or which they have not personally used or experienced.”

Any violation of the said rules will result in strict legal action as well as a fine of Rs 50 lakh depending on the gravity of the offence. They may also be banned from advertising for violations.

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