New Delhi, PTI. Union Information and Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnav on Thursday made a sense of responsibility while using social media platforms and internet. He said that social media platforms and websites should put forth any issue in front of the people in a clear manner. He said that social media should take care of what kind of content they are generating. According to the minister, there has been a big change in the world of technology and internet in the last few decades. As such, social media platforms require a fundamental rethinking of the Internet governance framework.

Speaking at the India Internet Governance Forum (IIGF 2021), the Minister said that nowadays people read and watch more and more content on mobile. In such a situation, if you have written something on Facebook and WhatsApp or have posted a video, then people start believing it to be true. In such a situation, some should be taken care of while creating content.

Keep these things in mind while writing and reading anything

The Minister said that the youth can easily be attracted to believe the written words. But who will take the responsibility of such content? Therefore, whether the content is on social media or on the website, it should be completely clean. Referring to the e-commerce business, he said that social media can prove beneficial from a business point of view. He told how e-commerce companies spread all over the world through social media. But with it should also be a sense of responsibility. We should think about this.

cyber security

Vaishnav said that digital technology and internet bring with them many challenges. Cyber ​​security is an important issue in this. It can destroy the whole system. So how should cyber security be dealt with? For this, as a nation, we should discharge things responsibly. Also, we will have to move forward under a framework, so that in the coming days, the Internet can be made more beneficial for the people. Only then will people have a sense of security regarding the use of the Internet.

Edited By: Saurabh Verma