New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk, Chaipatti Hacks: After making tea, in most homes, these remaining tea leaves are thrown in the garbage, but do you know that these boiled tea leaves are beneficial for the cleanliness of the house, from hair and eyes. If you do not know, then read this article and use boiled and leftover tea leaves well.

1. Dark circles go away

Dip the tea-bags in cold water and squeeze them well. Then keep it on the eyes for 10 minutes. This will not only give coolness to the eyes but will also remove the problem of dark circles.

2. To increase the shine of hair

The tea leaves act as a conditioner in a way. Boil it in water and then filter it and cool it. Wash hair with this water after shampoo. This gives shine to the hair.

3. To remove sun tanning

Sun tanning is common in summers. Apart from this, the problem of tanning is seen a lot even after returning from the beach vacation. So you can use tea-bags to remove this too. Take it out by dipping it in cold water and keep it on the tanning area for 10 minutes then wash it.

4. Get rid of foot odor

The foul smell emanating from the feet becomes a cause of embarrassment. Due to which even if you are uncomfortable, but in many places you are unable to take off your shoes, then its easy and effective solution is tea leaves. Yes, boil tea leaves well in water and wait till it becomes lukewarm. Soak the feet in this water for 10 minutes. By taking this remedy regularly, the smell will go away to a great extent.

5. In glass cleaning

Apart from eyes, hair and skin, you can also brighten the windows and doors of the glass in the house with the water of tea leaves. Simply boil tea leaves in water for this, cool it and filter it. Fill this water in a spray bottle, then clean the glass with it, your home will shine.

6. As fertilizer

Tea leaves are an excellent fertilizer for plants. So instead of throwing away the remaining tea leaves, put it in the plants. Due to this, the growth of plants will be good and they will also be healthy.

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Edited By: Priyanka Singh