If expensive sarees get spoiled due to any reason then it is very sad. He has to get out of the wardrobe after hitting his mind. So today we are going to tell you some such ideas by which you can change the look of the house by using these sarees in different ways.

cushion covers

If your expensive silk or handloom saree is torn from somewhere and there is no chance of getting it right from any jugaad, then you can use it to make cushion for the sofa, chair at home. Cushions made of colorful sarees will change the look of your drawing room. Just keep in mind that cotton cloth must be placed under the cushions of the silk saree or else it will spoil quickly.


Apart from decorating the balcony, if you are thinking of putting curtains on the kitchen as seen from the drawing room, so that the guests are not directly visible, then instead of shopping online or offline, you can use the old sari for this. Chiffon, georgette and even silk saree curtains will look very beautiful.

used as frame work

You can also use saree to decorate the walls of the house. For this, you can frame the pallu of a Banarasi or silk sari and hang it or if there is a photo, then you can decorate its edges with a sari border.


Using old or worn out sarees, you can also make notches for different places in the house. The footwear of cotton sarees are also easy to clean and also absorb water easily so that the house does not become dirty.

use of zari

If the zari saree is damaged then it can be used to change the look of cushion covers and table runners. For this, cut the zari of the saree and sew it with plain cushion covers or table runners. By the way, you can get this zari in any of your outfits too.


You can also use old sarees to make quilt covers. This will not only keep the quilt from getting dirty and will also look beautiful.

Pic credit- pexels

Edited By: Priyanka Singh