Changing color of tomato: In June it was three rupees a kg, now 50 is being sold in the market, so the customer is getting 100 rupees a kg

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With the onset of the wedding season, the color of tomatoes has also changed. In the last one month, the prices of tomatoes are continuously touching the sky. After onion, tomato has also joined those vegetables, whose price has reached 100 rupees per kg. In the last four months, the price of tomato has increased from Rs 3 per kg to Rs 100 per kg. Although the rate is still 50 to 60 rupees a kg in the market, but the customer is getting tomatoes up to Rs 100 a kg. The traders of the market are telling the biggest reason for the decrease in the arrival of tomatoes and the increase in demand.

Tomatoes thrown in Tosham in June.

Tomatoes are being imported from outside states

Vegetable market head Suresh Kumar said that tomato is coming from the mandis of Rajasthan, Nashik and Himachal in the mandi of Hisar. There is no arrival of local tomatoes here. In the states from where tomatoes are coming, the crops have also been damaged due to rain and other reasons. Apart from this, the wedding season is going on and the demand for tomatoes has increased in the market, due to which the rates are increasing continuously.

Apart from this, due to increase in diesel rates and transport expenses, the rates have also increased. Tomato is a perishable commodity and its wastage is also high, due to which the trader also compensates the loss with the remaining tomatoes. Tomatoes were sold for Rs 50 to 60 per kg in the market on Thursday.

Vegetables for sale in Hisar Mandi.

In June, the price was only three rupees a kg, the rate would be cheaper when the local tomatoes arrived

In the month of June, tomato was sold for only three rupees a kg in the mandi of Hisar. At that time, farmers used to tell the cost of Rs 10 per kg and due to not getting the right price, they used to throw tomatoes in the open in front of the animals. Now there is no tomato crop in Hisar and adjoining districts, due to which the prices are increasing continuously. Farmer Hawa Singh of Mirzapur told that only after the end of winter, Lokat will be able to come to the tomato market here.


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