Today Wednesday is the best day for worshiping Ganpati. Worship Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays. With his blessings all the works of a person are completed. He is an auspicious and a disruptor. They are the bestowers of auspiciousness. On Wednesday, you should chant Ganesh ji’s mantra at the time of worship and Ganesh ji aarti should be done at the end of the puja. Aarti makes up for the shortcomings in the worship. The importance of Aarti is more because it describes the birth, might and importance of the deity. They are praised.

Influential mantras of Ganesh ji

1. ‘Om Gana Ganapataye Namah’: This mantra is composed of the Beej Mantra ‘Gam’ of Lord Ganesha. This mantra is believed to fulfill all the wishes.

2. Om Om Shree Gam Soumya Ganpatiye Var Varad Sarvajanam Me Vashmanaya SwahaIt is called Lakshmi Vinayak Mantra. Chanting of this increases job and employment opportunities, as well as progress in work.

ganesh ji aarti

Jai Ganesh, Jai Ganesh, Jai Ganesh Deva.

Mother Jaki Parvati, Father Mahadeva.

Single-toothed, compassionate, four-armed,

Maathe sindoor sohe, moose ride.

Offered betel leaves, offered flowers and offered nuts,

Enjoy the laddus, do service to the saints.

Jai Ganesh, Jai Ganesh, Jai Ganesh, Deva.

Mother Jaki Parvati, Father Mahadeva.

Giving eye to the blind, body to the leper.

The son of the barren, the love of the poor.

‘Soor’ Shyam came to Sharan, successful service.

Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Deva.

Mother Jaki Parvati, Father Mahadeva.

Be proud of the deen, Shambhu Sutkari.

Fulfill the wish Jai Balihari.

Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Deva.

Mother Jaki Parvati, Father Mahadeva.


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Edited By: Kartikey Tiwari