Characters of the movie Avatar made from Natural Waste Material; Students’ artwork is getting praise

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Everyone is in craze for the Hollywood film ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’. In such a situation, this James Cameron’s most awaited film is making a big bang at the box office. Meanwhile, the enthusiasm of the film was also seen among the children. Because of which the children made the character of the film out of the garbage. Seeing this creativity of children, you will be forced to praise.

In fact, some students of Puducherry’s Seliamedu Government School together welcomed the film Avatar 2 in a different way. He made the character of the film out of natural waste materials like coconut shells, mandara leaves and palm leaves.

A group of students sculpted some of the characters from the Hollywood movie Avatar. Including Neytiri, Jake Sully and the Great Leonopteryx.

The fantasy world of Pandora is beautifully depicted in James Cameron’s film. Which is getting a lot of love from the audience and the film has earned a lot of money at the worldwide box office in just four days. The VFX-rich film has done good business on Monday as well, starting the week after the weekend.

However, according to the initial figures of the fourth day i.e. Monday, there has been a decline in the film’s earnings on Monday as compared to the weekend. On the fourth day, the film has collected Rs 18.50 crore. After which the film has collected 3500 crores worldwide in the opening weekend itself. After which James Cameron has thanked the fans for giving so much love to the film.

The VFX of the 3.12 hour long film are amazing, which is beyond the imagination of the common man. Looking at the fantasy world of Pandora, it is hard to believe that nothing is real. Along with this, emotions have also been shown in the film. The film is full of amazing imagination and modern technology, on which the audience is showering lots of love.

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