Jagran Correspondent, Pathankot: Taking forward their tradition, Akash and Byju’s have made education of children of defense personnel 100% free for the upcoming academic calendar. This was stated by the group’s assistant director Rahul Tyagi and center head Megha Sharma during a program organized in Pathankot on Monday. Retired Colonel AK Khajuria specially reached the program.

During this, Assistant Director Rahul Tyagi said that since 2014, more than 70,000 students have benefited from the scholarship program. Retired Colonel AK Khajuria said that the Armed Forces should always be honored for their sacrifice. They risk their lives to protect the liberties of the citizens, it is a selfless act of valor which is done without asking for anything in return. Many of them have had to sacrifice their lives so that the rest can live in a free and prosperous society. There they are honored to be a part of this thoughtful initiative by Akash and Byju’s. We are grateful to Akash and Byju’s for the financial assistance that is being provided to the children of defense personnel. Parmeshwar Jha, Regional Director, Aakash and Byju’s on Scholarship for the Children of Martyrs said, “Our armed forces render selfless service to our nation. We are proud to have contributed to a change in the lives of nearly 70,000 children of heroes of the Armed Forces and are excited to extend full scholarships for children of martyrs and scholarships for children of defense personnel this year as well.

Edited By: Jagran