It cannot be denied that salt, chilli, garam masala and many other spices work to enhance the taste of food, but only when they are used in limited quantities. The use of spices in excessive amounts changes the original taste of lentils, vegetables or other dishes. The strange thing is that the lovers of spicy chili spices do not get satisfaction until they sweat while eating. Otherwise, pulses and vegetables look like grass or rubbish to them. Some even make a separate tempering in their lentils and vegetables.

When spicy chili spices are used, more salt has to be added than necessary because chili spices rise only when the salt is more. Excess of salt increases blood pressure. Not only this, it takes him to a dangerous level.

Sharp chili spices can still work in winter but it is never appropriate to consume them in summer. In the rain, the digestive system becomes weak, so this type of food is harmful. Many people do not like simple home cooked food. They like to eat in hotels, dhabas because the food prepared there is spicy. They eat away but what happens after that? After coming home, they have to face hyper acidity. Gas is formed in the stomach. The stomach swells. There is a burning sensation in the chest, sour belching starts. When the gas rises, there is nervousness, restlessness, when it puts pressure on the heart, then pain starts there. Heartbeat increases.

When acidity starts bothering them, they take antacids i.e. medicine to overcome it. If you want to stay away from acidity, then eat simple, less spicy food which is digestible. Don’t be tempted by the spicy dishes. Stay away from fast food. Chili, whether green or red, should be used in limited quantity.

Edited By: Priyanka Singh