Shanghai, Reuters. In the midst of the Russo-Ukraine war, China has again conducted military exercises near Taiwan. The Chinese military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), said on Monday that another round of joint exercises was conducted near Taiwan from Friday to Sunday. Let us tell you that Taiwan has issued an alert since Russia’s attack on Ukraine. He is in danger of attack from China.

was infiltrated two days ago

On Friday itself, Chinese planes infiltrated Taiwan’s airspace. After this, the active Taiwan Air Force had asked the encroaching Chinese aircraft to move away from its territory. Chinese planes had entered Taiwan’s air defense zone. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said that Chinese aircraft have been regularly violating the border.

Repeated airspace violations for the last two years

China has repeatedly violated Taiwan’s airspace for the past two years. The number of subsequent intruders is less as compared to the large-scale encroachment by 39 aircraft on 23 January. The ministry said that six Chinese J-11s, six J-16s along with two H-6 bombers were involved in the encroachment this time.

China has threatened occupation

China considers this island area its own and has also threatened to occupy it by force. Chinese fighter planes often violate its airspace to threaten Taiwan. In the same exercise, 18 Chinese aircraft entered Taiwan’s airspace on Friday. The Taiwanese withdrew after a warning from the Air Force. Chinese planes did a similar thing on Saturday and Sunday.

Chinese naval ships entered Japan’s maritime border

Eight naval ships, including a Chinese aircraft carrier, entered Japan’s maritime border last week. Japanese officials said two Chinese ships had reached near the disputed Senkaku island. Patrol ships were sent on this, after which they retreated.

Edited By: Krishna Bihari Singh